Apple iCloud - please stop bugging me!

Anyone else tired of these annoying popups?

I’m getting pretty tired of all this… I actually tried to find customer support for the PC installer popup, but no luck. Anyone know who owns this ugly little Windows app? I find it particularly devious that Apple uses language here that sounds like something is broken until I “Install” their fix. This is not a fix, this is an upsell to get iCloud on my PC.

The iPhone backup message is also annoying. I tried to tell my iPhone to stop backing up my photos, and yet I still get this backup failed warning every day. Perhaps Apple should find a more creative way to upsell my on iCloud because this is driving me nuts, and making it much less likely I’ll ever checkout the benefits of paying Apple for cloud storage on stuff I’ve backed up my self lots of other ways.

Apple is world class on user experiences of everything else, so why are they so bad at this experience? I’m guessing the part of the company that expertly squeezes every dime out of consumers is not so connected to the user experience gods at Apple… Here’s hoping I can wake up some of those gods to go slap the accountants on the wrist for this naughty behavior.