Fun with Dart


Dart is a new up and coming language and so I thought it would be fun to do some simple performance comparisons.


This is a simple performance benchmarks comparing C#, Dart and Rust for an entirely CPU bound problem (no I/O). The problem is to find all primes under 1,000,000 and test that the Goldbach Conjecture holds for all those numbers.

Times in milliseconds.

Platform C# Dart Rust C++ Node.js
Windows 11 AMD Ryzen 9 40 76 17* 46 372251
Ubuntu 22.04 AMD Ryzen 9 43 75 17* 44 357659

*Rust at 17ms is using a fast non-cryptographic hash on the HashSet. Using the normal HashSet you get 62ms.

Clearly Rust is very fast (when you turn off the expensive cryptographic hash algorithm).

C# builds a compiled executable that is almost twice as fast as Dart though and that is really interesting. In case you are wondering this is comparing the Dart native compile that you get using dart compile exe ....