Magic LED Lights Rock

I had some fun over the Christmas holiday playing with my new toy, Magic LED Lights.  These are controlled from your phone using Bluetooth Low Energy.  But as is often the case there was no Windows Phone app for these, so hey, it was the holidays, I had some time, so I built one.  Actually, I built a Windows Phone app and a Windows 8 app.  It is implemented in C# and most of the code is shared between the two apps.

See Demo Video of bluetooth lights and Wifi Demo Video for wifi lights.  So far the light bulb has worked perfectly!   You can get more information from the manufacturer at  

Of course, this is just the beginning.  Imagine the lights turn on when I walk into my office.  Or the XBox controls the lights so they turn red when I get shot in Halo. There are many fun applications of this really simple but very cool new tool.