PM, 2000 Incubation, 2003 side project Dev/Architect State City City City Dev Lead on Database Integration join Startup, 1992 Dev, 1997 Dev, 1998 Dev on Communication Protocols City near Moved to Dev on UI Frameworks Founder of startup, 1996 Graduated top of class 1987 State State Architect, 2008-2011 Aquired 1997 City Dev Influenced also built grew up study Computer Science WebData 21 patents filed, 16 patents granted so far. We built the equivalent of HTML 5 in 1996, including equivalent of integrated scalable vector graphics which was actually more integrated than SVG is today because we could put any HTML inside any SVG tag. AirSim Apple/IBM Joint Venture Australia California CommonPoint Cupertino Dev Mgr, 2006,2007 ELL IBM XML Java XML Parser Linq Logica Los Altos Managed Language Service Framework MSXML in C++ Microsoft Microsoft Research NSW OS/2 Over 3 million downloads Patents Directed Graph Markup Language Generated Dependency Graphs Visualization and Modeling Platform San Jose Seattle Springwood Sydney System.Xml Taligent University NSW USA Visual Studio Walkabout Software Washington Ships in Windows, used in hundreds of MSFT products. We also built XMLHTTPRequest which inspired AJAX and is now a w3c standard Web Browser for kids Mobile Labs X# XML Notepad XML Editor Chris Lovett an incubation team, prototyped an xbox game streaming to windows phone Interactive HTML Coyote Ada LEGEND Incubation Patent Work Person Technology Place Team Product Company Comment